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Nine Pioneering Female Artists in their Nineties

Models of life in art, art in life.

Room in my heart for more beside Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth. Found more in this article from AnOther via Facebook.

I know Agnes Martin’s work a little. There is nothing better than viewing the Google images that come up when searching Agnes Martin. but I want more! Wishlist: this amazing monograph.

Title of this post from Agnes Martin’s essay, Beauty is the Mystery of Life.

the eerie

Notes on the erhu:


I was reading haiku on The Heron’s Nest last night. I came across a word new to me: “erhu.”

evening breeze
ruffling thoughts of her
echoes of the erhu

Chen-ou Liu
Ajax, Ontario


I used the “define” function on iPad’s Safari to look it up.

erhu |ərˈho͞o| (also erh hu)
a Chinese two-stringed musical instrument held in the lap and played with a bow.
ORIGIN early 20th cent.: Chinese, from èr ‘two’ + hú ‘bowed instrument.’


Maybe fifteen minutes later, I’m reading Teju Cole’s Open City, a hard cover copy from the library. I come across the following passage:

I walked under the trees, past the creak of children’s swings and, as I moved closer to the end of the arbor, I could make out the sound of an erhu. The line was breathy and nimble, the precise nimbleness of an old-fashioned thing. …

When I reached the other side of the park, I saw that there were actually two erhu players, not one. …

I sat in the grass for a long while listening to the erhu players and the singer. It was cold.


Spellcheck has a very difficult time with the word erhu. It is finally learning that I mean it when I type it. But I had to struggle to avoid “eerie” (left its choice in subject line), “erg” and “eh.” I got the impression spellcheck was trying to write a poem.

new york tourism

I walked in New York City on Monday. Grand Central to Central Park and back. I’m not sure how far that is. It’s a very touristy, busy route. Lots of people trying to pass out flyers. I passed the first office building I worked in, remembering how frightening it seemed to me to be working in the city. I started there in January – it may even have been my anniversary!

I took photos of buildings like a tourist. Why not? They are beautiful and I might use them for overlays.

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Unknown, but isn't it beautiful?

Unknown, but isn’t it beautiful?

Statue outside the Plaza Hotel

Statue outside the Plaza Hotel

can't remember what this is

can’t remember what this is