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early flowers

March 30 – morning snow shower – temperatures just above freezing. Watching Werner Herzog’s “Happy People: A Year on the Taiga” over the weekend gave me a whole new appreciation for spring snow.


I am thinking of celebrating poetry month this year with letters and paint.


I got carried away with magenta. The whole painting is disturbingly bright. But crops of it are very pleasant. As a child, I was fascinated with magenta, the word and the color. It seemed...

sky skin

Taking photos of the sky at night. Low clouds reflect ground light in different ways. It is hard to capture in the photos, but there is a range of moody, moving colors. I feel...

unity in green

From the lesson focusing on unity (in color) The thrill of painting stripes, in a variety of greens. There is some mystique about green, that it is hard to learn about, hard to use....