hard light

branches photo

branches photo

I really wanted to try overlaying this photo of hard black branches onto a scan of a painted background.

I have never liked the Hard Light Filter, but for this image, it did exactly what I wanted!

Two versions, one with a monochromatic section of the background, the other with the full multi-colored background. The background painting has graphite scribbles, which I feel create a delightful tangle with the branches. The water is very present in both images.

version 1 - mostly blue background

version 1 – mostly blue background

version 2 - multicolored background

version 2 – multicolored background

signals crossed


I wanted to keep playing with this imagery. This time I let the cathedral aisle show through and layered a lot of sun effects and color on top of it. I was originally thinking “pastel” but I seemed to gravitate toward the deeper colors.



A ceremony of digital transformation. Looking and attention. The cropped center of the piece seems interesting in a different way than the entire piece. The crop reveals subtle green shades and rectangles out of line. The whole piece holds a kind of pinwheel wonderment with the spiraling fragments of “S”.



corners, layered with transparency

corners, layered with transparency

Ceremony focuses attention so that attention becomes intention. If you stand together and profess a thing before your community, it holds you accountable.

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass, page 249

filter: poster edges

I like to use filters in Elements, but usually I don’t like the results.

This one started with a photo of the ruins from Leon Levy. It was much too busy, but when I cropped it down to some simple trees, I thought it worked well with poster edges.

forest, poster edges filter

forest – poster edges filter