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Nine Pioneering Female Artists in their Nineties

Models of life in art, art in life.

Room in my heart for more beside Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth. Found more in this article from AnOther via Facebook.

I know Agnes Martin’s work a little. There is nothing better than viewing the Google images that come up when searching Agnes Martin. but I want more! Wishlist: this amazing monograph.

Title of this post from Agnes Martin’s essay, Beauty is the Mystery of Life.

coating of snow

Yes I know, it’s cold in the Northeastern US.

My rule of thumb: Never complain about the weather. Be happy to let the weather do whatever it needs to do.

One thing I feel though: the landscape should reflect the temperature. When it’s cold, there should always be a coating of snow.

coating of snow

coating of snow


Question from Pascal Auclair: Can attention alter the world?

signifying nothing

Faculty of discrimination –
What is worth reading and what is not
What is worth paying attention to and what is not
What is worth listening to and what is not
What is worth spending time doing and what is not

Somehow life has become clogged by inputs and the discriminating faculty has been overwhelmed.

Then again, my starting point was pretty discriminating, so I don’t think I’ve regressed too much.

Interesting read over the holidays: Marie Kondo’s “The life-changing magic of tidying up; the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.” I picked up this small book on impulse from a bookstore counter display, a gift for me. It is quirky – or maybe just Japanese – and personal. Her method centers around the emotion of “a spark of joy.” The last chapter was so lyrical I almost felt tears start to form.

I found this quote today reading an article about Ray Johnson. It seems related.

Johnson’s operative principle that language and visual data form enclosed systems of self-replicating “codes” that preclude original expression and prevent meanings beyond their sound and fury.

So so so so much input is sound and fury and so little “spark of joy.”

More from the article:

art operates not as a reassuring by-product of existence, or a sole commodity produced by one isolated person, but as a collaboration involving many people, correspondences in a humanistic sense as well as an aesthetic one—art as an open-ended undertaking, a shared state of being present to someone else rather than art as a hallowed object to be hung on a white wall.

Direct communication may be the biggest fallacy of the instant messaging era.


Not Nothing, Siglio Press

slow thoughts on a fast day

I am still avidly reading Jude Hill’s archives. It is a wonderful experience. Novel-like, but mostly images. I find her work so compelling and informative to my own questions.

oddly enough, selling work is less difficult than thinking about it. at least that is how it seems right now. in some ways it is rewarding but there is an element of interruption in what i like the most about creating. the flow. the slowness and lack of schedule. fitting the stitches into the rhythm of the rain or matching the colors to the weather. holding the time it takes in my hands. ignoring the destination…having no particular place to go.

It seems like a revelation to me that you can discover and embrace what you like most. And that slow wandering is okay to like.

It is very important to discern what you like and what you don’t like. This relates to the Buddhist term vedanā, relating to pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral sensations. Since I learned this term, I often find myself spontaneously categorizing some fleeting sensation. Most recently, I labeled beating eggs in a bowl as a sensation I find very pleasant. There is nothing else to do at that point, just noticing.

…the best solution i can find is using some rule outside myself. one that includes less pressure and no authority. i have chosen a lunar cycle. that suits me. it contains no hard feelings, and a personal rhythm that is more like a gentle reminder.

I love this solution of looking for a gentle rule outside yourself. I need to come up with some of these. I have never been able to tune myself to the lunar cycle. Something to think about.

Jude Hill, undoing a business cycle, June 10 2009

slow cloth

…upon waking i immediately engaged in a holding ceremony. just so it didn’t get away from me completely. slow cloth involves some role playing. some sort of bonding is required. getting involved. commitment. acknowledgment of thoughts caught… the keepers of story.

Jude Hill, Spiritcloth, March 30, 2009

So amazing, so beautiful. Can this even be possible with paper? (let alone digital files…)


A ceremony of digital transformation. Looking and attention. The cropped center of the piece seems interesting in a different way than the entire piece. The crop reveals subtle green shades and rectangles out of line. The whole piece holds a kind of pinwheel wonderment with the spiraling fragments of “S”.



corners, layered with transparency

corners, layered with transparency

Ceremony focuses attention so that attention becomes intention. If you stand together and profess a thing before your community, it holds you accountable.

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass, page 249