steichen’s pond

Neglected…a lot of half fledged insights lost. Walks disappear from memory. But not from maps. I mean Moves. There’s a park in Redding called Topstone, land bequeathed to the town by the photographer Edward Steichen. Thus the name “Steichen’s Pond.” (There is a typo in the map data.) I have memories of hiking and swimming there as a teenager. Briefly. And seldom. Free memories. I retraced those trails, and more. A few bugs, a few birds. Brown brown brown leaf-mulched surfaces. Lots of rocks. Blue water, and a nervewracking crossing on a cement walkway overĀ a small dam between two ponds.

steichen's pond, topstone park

steichen’s pond, topstone park

four mile route

Now that the weather is getting slightly better, I’m interested in finding some new routes in the neighborhood. I tried this route, thought it might be too long, but it was fine.

I use the Moves app to track my walk, but I had to learn how to take a screenshot on the iPhone (Home + Sleep/Wake button), then had to email it to myself to be able to post here. Quite a route in itself!

four miles, one and a half hours

four miles, one and a half hours

river walk

I anticipated mud, but I got perfectly snow-covered trails, not slushy, just soft and a little slippery.

Blowing beech leaves accumulated in the trail.

beech leaves in path

beech leaves in path

leaves on snow

leaves on snow

The boulders in the water had a lot of presence. They appeared more defined with their snow coverings.

boulders, river

boulders, river

ready and waiting

Ready to say goodbye to February.

Waiting for a loved one to get back in touch…someday.

It’s still cold.

Walking in the neighborhood.

A longer route takes me down Woodway Road to Hoyt Street. There are no sidewalks. Snow is piled everywhere. A few patches of wet mud reveal the state of the ground.

Hawk hunting at the neighbor’s bird feeder.

"bird feeder"

“bird feeder”

new york tourism

I walked in New York City on Monday. Grand Central to Central Park and back. I’m not sure how far that is. It’s a very touristy, busy route. Lots of people trying to pass out flyers. I passed the first office building I worked in, remembering how frightening it seemed to me to be working in the city. I started there in January – it may even have been my anniversary!

I took photos of buildings like a tourist. Why not? They are beautiful and I might use them for overlays.

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Unknown, but isn't it beautiful?

Unknown, but isn’t it beautiful?

Statue outside the Plaza Hotel

Statue outside the Plaza Hotel

can't remember what this is

can’t remember what this is