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snow mound

Enjoyed the big blizzard on Saturday. Sketched a snow mound on Sunday morning.

woodland bridge

I’ve been walking in Woodland Park close to home. Today in a spring snowstorm. I felt accompanied by millions.

winter window 2

Looking out the windshield, a type of window, while crossing the Tappan Zee bridge. The opposite hillside is so misty. You can barely see the vertical lines of the bare tree trunks.

winter window

Winter is the best time to look out the window.

lines of demarcation

The lines in my back yard are stark in the dark night, but show up against the snow.

ready and waiting

Ready to say goodbye to February. Waiting for a loved one to get back in touch…someday. It’s still cold. Walking in the neighborhood. A longer route takes me down Woodway Road to Hoyt Street....