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it settles in

How to express it – the effect of winter, when it really settles in.

seeing shapes

My painting lesson for this week addresses Shapes. So I’m seeing shapes everyone I go. It is unusual to have your vision filtered, shape-seeking.

route 7 to kripalu

This was a beautiful drive. I could have stopped so much more often to take photos. But there was a sort of pushing to get where I was going. Someday I will take a...

on the floor

Accidental still life – Calendar page picturing roses, sanded with sandpaper for a project Dried leaves brought inside for a project Gold silk ribbon I just have hanging around because I like to look...


A scrap of a poem pasted on a wall in my neighborhood. Some of the paper was torn off, some looked like it had embedded itself into the wall. Very unusual. This was the...

found scan

File Name: Scan 1956 Family Hometown IL