heading north again

first a lovely brunch in Watch Hill
quiches supernaturally creamy
waterfront supernaturally natural
logistics lots to deal with
rental car to return to Connecticut
rental suit to return to Men’s Wearhouse
let’s both go back to Maine
spend a day or two together
visit with the newlyweds and visitors
a sleepy sleepy trip
stop in Portland
Flatbread and a beer

wedding day

awake at 2 am anticipating the trip
must not forget my dress, my shoes, the gift
my camera, batteries fully charged
on the road by 3:30
driving south again feels wrong
now sleepy, stop for coffee
LL Bean is serving at 6:30 thankfully

Nicole and Rob’s wedding at Watch Hill Chapel
reception at Jonathan Edwards winery (“bicoastal”)
lots and lots of dancing dancing

acadia day

joined tourists at Acadia National Park
watched a silly film with Jack Perkins
listened to a ranger orientation
don’t have a passport – stamped an old receipt
set off on the Loop Road Bus
visited Sand Beach (a different one)
found some lunch at Jordan Pond House
hiked the carriage road up
the split rail trail down
saw a nesting loon


awaiting Lorna and Becca coming over from New Hampshire
I ordered quiche and latte at Maine Grind and went online
searched “co-working” found some apps found a site
that led to a business in Bar Harbor
called “Anchorspaces”
a floating membership, this will be perfect
still a commute but along the ocean
through Hancock County
almost looking forward to it

tea outdoors in the middle of the night

I made mayan cocoa spice tea, a small amount
it was after 2 am
I invited Sam to join me
two shooting stars streaked over Fiery Mountain
a bullfrog chorus serenaded
the air was mild, humid
holding my camp towel like a security blanket
an owl hooting – maybe six times? – stopped
down toward the outlet
soft words spoken clearly
fancy misery

sand beach

caught by surprise
an invitation to join Sam at sand beach
picnic salads and a boat ride

after awhile Tim and Jerry
and their friends arrived
in the rented pontoon boat

sat and talked and
watched the water
resisted swimming in my clothes

heat build up
waded in my underwear
finally a dip, soaked my T-shirt

water silk on skin

calming insomnia

Racing thoughts in the night

Tossing, turning – it’s ridiculous

Where’s Sam
How will all this paperwork get signed
When and where will I be able to work
Will the mortgage go through smoothly
What about the title search
When will the team involve the member firms
Phone Internet
What have I forgotten

Tea and Nichtern’s chapter on Karma