paid my taxes at Town Office in Hancock
took all the paperwork to Ellsworth
to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

#34 in line – they are pretty efficient
I take time to sketch
some patrons ahead of me

a whirlwind of paperwork – title, registration
and driver’s license – Lisa handles it

new license plate
“36 VP” with
a pine cone and a chickadee

hancock, fes

sunday in vacation land
where I live

first night on new mattress
restless, overheated

morning rain heavy at times
Sam cleans the gutters

pancakes for breakfast
orzo salad for lunch

shopping for sundries
rebuy what we already have?

try to hike from the
garden back home – failed

family dinner tonight
eggplant parmesan

Jeff’s photo essay of a
moroccan wedding journey


Morocco 2016

community garden workday

Hancock Community Garden workday
task: replace the back fence

remove old fencing encrusted with plants
eliminate sod, stubborn clumps
grasses shrubs miles of roots

install new chicken wire fencing
screwed to the cornerposts
staked to the ground
secured to fenceposts with twisties

cover edges with cardboard and wood chips
hope to foil the critters
hard work
wobbly wheelbarrow
fine company

homecoming friday

fog layer this morning
early visit to Flex It
to get online

Sam’s coming today
with goodies — frozen foods
boxes raspberries

he ordered a new mattress
an electric fence device
a tidal clock

my energy shifts, off retreat
single indulgences over
life as a couple resumes

we put together the futon
welcomed Sam Home
made pasta with summer sauce

panorama with rainbow


left work just in time
to see this rainbow
over the airport
in bar harbor

stopped along the road
with lots of other people
everybody taking photos
tried a panorama

Facebook posted it
with interactive capabilities
different on computer
versus phone

what I really wanted
was to enjoy the contrast
neat arch on left
diffuse light on the right related


sightings – pair of bald eagles
soaring high identified
by their white heads and tails

silhouetted osprey
at the nest at sunset
wings dark angles flashing

last night in the parking lot
in Ellsworth talking on the phone
to my left, a long dark wingspan

barely visible flies low across the
road into the distant woods
must have been an owl