wrong turn

walked through the woods, no snowshoes
down the hill, past the garden, down the road
first time encountering other walkers in Hancock
they were faster, soon ahead of me
turn down Carter’s lane, past the abandoned house
through the field, through the woods
somehow got pointed in the wrong direction
following deer trails through the woods
view of water in the distance – what water?
I was expecting a road but saw Salt Pond
ice festooned with loops of icy snow
view of Acadia’s mountains in the distance
cold wind whipping water into greenish navy
walked along the beach, through yards,
down private roads and driveways
need another word for trespassing in winter
happily back home 3.5 miles 1-1/2 hours

around the block in Portsmouth

travel to a baby’s birthday party in Methuen
lots of driving – 250 miles each way
pressure to get it over with but needed some movement badly
so I walked around the block in Portsmouth, so familiar
sidewalks were variously clear, covered with ice,
blocked with barriers warning falling ice,
in process of removal of chunks of snow and ice

not far, but adventurous and refreshing

how to fit it in

heading to Jeff’s to move the countertop and sink
(granite countertops being made, templating at 11)

I left earlier than Sam, walked along Eastside Road
he picked me up along the way

half an hour, 1.8 miles
one loose dog
two caged
chilly winds

compressed figure 8

sunny so I bundled up
walked in the preserve behind our house
walked the loop in one direction
saw the back end of an owl disturbed by me
retreating to the woods
viewed the little cottage down the hill
circled down then up crossing many plank walks
it was cold – 15 degrees – I was warm
with the exception of my cheeks
little ice but plenty of frozen snow
some steps on the cleared ground occasionally
then walked the loop in the opposite direction
stopping to photograph some ice up close
bubble streams still exuberant though frozen

west shore road

2.5 miles
cold and windy
walk with Sam

bundled up and drove to a parking spot
across the street from Crocker House
which was all closed up

walked down the hill
(called variously Post Office Road, Beach Ave, Beech Ave)
and then up West Shore Drive (or Road)
mostly wealthy homes, mostly deserted for the winter
peaks of coastline and across the water, Acadia’s mountains

trespassed through a couple of yards
to explore the rocky coastline, pushed up layers of sediment

one home had a bright red painted gate,
stairs drawn up for the season

I wanted to view the coastline intimately
with all its ins and outs
not possible, too much private property
but there was one path that could be construed as
Public Access
which I will remember
lead to a crescent shaped capacious rocky beach
with a beautiful view across the water

pettengill preserve

short hike on the blue trail
then the yellow loop
lots of water
a few board bridges showing up
under the snow and ice
a lot more work walking when
you have to crunch through snow
uneven surfaces
and guard against submerging your boot
in soppy snowy water

yellow loop was very soggy initially
then led to higher, dryer ground
very quiet, open, and uplifting

headed back to the car
westward into sunset