oh yeah (creativity)

for me, it comes down to #1, catching a thought, and #2, staying with it. perhaps “the plan” is a lie, another untruth. one which generates the illusion that one can be in control. and perhaps this is the source of many sadnesses.

so i now see the creative process as always radiating outward, as opposed to filling up some predefined vessel with things. i think it is more about sitting in the center of a thought. and really being there. over and over, at each instant. with all your heart. and letting that instant color every movement and so….everything in your range is part of that thought, is related to your current journey and absolutely everything is there for you to use. and this process is a positive gathering of elements filtered through your heart and it is something new because of that and this is a happy feeling. peace.

and you continue on until you #3, finish ( oh, NO, there is no finish….another untruth…) until you are ready to let it go.

let it go, let it go, let it go. ( singing to the tune of “let it snow”….)

jude hill, december 11, 2007

Mianus River Park

Walked about 3 miles in warm, tender autumn air.
There are a lot of trails here, but it is an urban hike.
Constant hum of – traffic? leafblowers? both?
Mansions looming over the trail ominously.
Poor signage, and the map did not match the trail.
Afraid of getting lost close to sunset, I hugged the river and did not get too adventurous.

The trail dumped me out onto a road, an “unapproved entrance” not shown on the map. There is a very cunning old house there that has a name: “Villa Dalia.” How often are they disturbed by hikers coming out of the park?

On my return trip, I took a small side trail “Hill Trail” intersecting with “Laurel.” Then it was back to the River Road. The riverbank area is being restored, bosky and inaccessible. Few people. I want to come back here although I have trouble remembering how to get to Merriebrook, let alone Cognewaugh.







I went into New York, Battery Park City, to a Poet’s House event. Matthea Harvey and Marilyn Nelson. Cozy and enjoyable.

The city stressed me out though. Cold, windy, difficult, ominous. I took photos. I couldn’t acclimate, although I saw lots of interesting things. These are a collection pipes. I felt like a criminal taking pictures of pipes.




yellow loop

3.6 miles – yellow trail?
Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
Michigan Road trailhead
Around freezing, sunny, some wind

Walking with S is very enjoyable. Talking non-stop eliminates all thoughts of weariness or cold. Some rocky passages in the trail. S carries a staff.

Occasionally I pause mentally for noticing. The woods are bright, although the leaves are down, forming a brown carpet.

Afterwards, a trip to Hilltop Hanover farmstand. Passing through Croton Reservoir system, the waters more visible than earlier in the summer. I realize that there seems to be more water because the leaves are down.

cutting corners

I didn’t like the colors, so I made this black and white.

Then cut corners, and added filters as a disguise.

In the first one, the corners are very distinct. In the second one, everything is layered and rotated over and over, so the stripes appear more blended.



And another one in color.