cutting corners

I didn’t like the colors, so I made this black and white.

Then cut corners, and added filters as a disguise.

In the first one, the corners are very distinct. In the second one, everything is layered and rotated over and over, so the stripes appear more blended.



And another one in color.


november beach walk

walked at Cove Island yesterday
3 times around in a cold wind
managing my internal temperature much better than yesterday, using the pit zip!

I wasn’t meditating, but my meditation was about accepting November. I don’t think November is sad. I have two poetic phrases that include November, and none that include other months. There’s something about the sounds.

  • November invites
  • November’s lowering opals

I gazed at the lowering opals in the sky and thought about that phrase. It’s mysterious, it has a series of long O sounds, it’s beautiful. I felt the cold wind in my face thoroughly and realized it wasn’t that cold and I didn’t have to hunch up against it. I could walk straight into it and feel refreshed.


On the last leg of the walk, I noticed a view I had never looked at before. The curve of the street bordering Holly Pond and the lights reflected in the water. The lowering opals.


back to walking my regular route
3.5 miles through the neighborhood

hiatus for trip to Maine and
catching a common cold

difference being that it is wintry now
I’m overdressed for walking in this weather

warm when I get started
uncomfortably warm when I get going

something to be figured out
no strong aversion to the neighborhood

it’s where I find myself these days
as Jude Hill says “just going”


Artist of the day: May Stevens, appreciated for “Sea of Words” which has an audio component!


attention alphabets

I enjoy making digital crops of scans of painted/collaged papers. They are almost always more intriguing than the full pieces I have worked over. There’s a captivating randomness for how those small elements ended up next to each other, which is always a surprise. Sometimes I crop different areas of the same piece, but find there is always one that seems most pleasing. This is a kind of attention.

g's rising

g’s rising

a pile of O's

a pile of o’s

cloud of s's

cloud of s’s

crop of PRIVACY

a piece of PRIVACY

VAC is recurring. Vacation. Vache. Voice. Vacuuming. From Wikipedia:

Vāk or Vāc (stem vāc-, nominative vāk) is the Sanskrit word for “speech”, from a verbal root vac- “speak, tell, utter”.

Personified, Vāk is a goddess; in the Veda she is also represented as created by Prajapati and married to him; in other places she is called the “mother of the Vedas” and wife of Indra. In Hinduism, she is identified with Bharati or Sarasvati.

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