atrium days

when I first started working at this company
I was just temporary
and I had the luxury of being distant
sitting in this atrium at lunchtime
reading poetry
John Ashbery
The Instruction Manual
aided by an explication
by a critic whose name and book I can’t remember
soaring appreciation, lost now
I was dreaming of Guadalajara
as I am still


giant asparagus

We left Friday and returned Monday. Went to work on Tuesday, and Tuesday evening came home to cook broccoli and tofu over rice. I remembered the asparagus, just starting to produce. Maybe a few spears could be added to tonight’s dish. I climbed the hill, checked out the bed, and gasped. Many knee-high stalks! how could they grow so fast.

maine monday

electricity comes on at camp
a few sketches of Sam
Deb’s for breakfast
Dave and Pattie arrive
visit Timmy’s camp
water test – Tara
“Siri, I need a lawyer right now!”
lunch at Finn’s – blackened salmon salad
start to drive south
stop in Lewiston to drop off water
Flatbread, Portsmouth
home at 11:30
make notes for last 4 days
all like a dream

Note: we passed through downtown Lewiston, revitalized by a community of Somali refugees –


Letter from Maine

travel day

leave at 4:50 am
four hours to Colby’s in Portsmouth
one hour to Harbor Fish Market in Portland
23 minutes to Freeport – shopping at Patagonia – bought a new pair of yoga pants
left Freeport at noon
two hours to Ellsworth
about 2:30 pm
lunch at Finn’s
half hour to Jeff’s in Sullivan
fun dinner with Jeff, Tim, and Paula
outda camp
to sleep

many toilets

Vivid dream of being in a huge hotel room. Several wings including two large bathrooms.
I went to the back bathroom which had many many stalls, but every one was compromised.
A skinny stall with no toilet in it. Stalls with multiple toilets, or missing doors, or walls.
Toilets fouled and broken. All that former opulence, no place to pee.

pink cat

a pink cat in my office building

five feet tall and just as long

not counting upraised curvy tail

it’s so surprising in the hallway

that it’s hard to really notice it

tonight I said “Goodnight cat” aloud

I’ve never spoken to this cat before

don’t know where it came from

don’t know where it’s going

how it got here



step outside at lunch and hit with

AIR it’s warm and present as a bath

I want to soak in it

but I”m heading to a meeting and my mind leaps forward to an airless place anticipating that

a meeting about coincidentally the REFRESH rules

when what’s most refreshing is naturally all around me

same after work

refreshing chillier windy