church street loop

2.8 miles
through the neighborhood to Toquam School walkway
then down Research Drive past Glenbrook Station on Church Street
up Hope Street, back past Toquam

memories of the past rise up all along the way
I tripped over my own feet and fell forward, skinning my knee
this leaf on pavement seemed to hold a lot



9.7 miles
Hike to Lake Awosting in Minnewaska park in the Shawangunks
a two hour drive to this beautiful location
spectacular scenery, especially rock formations and the vistas
this was the only photo I took



Woodland Park in Darien
Almost an hour
Lots of little circles
in this small park with many paths

Permeable boundaries with the neighborhoods
Once you recognize the “No Dumping” signs as entrances

Struggling with the loss of ecstacy
I used to feel when looking at the breathless leaves


I’m following Jude Hill’s “small journeys” on her Spirit Cloth blog.

I am getting inspiration from her deliberate approach, from her quietness, from her language.

I haven’t stitched anything in a long time, although I used to, a lot. I’m all over the place. I already feel a focusing influence from following small journeys.

early autumn ride

Bike 4 Bikes ride
20 mile route

along Long Island Sound on the return trip
a few steep climbs

meditating on metaphoric riding:

Patience – riding can seem boring, but it’s just a matter of keeping pedaling until you are done. There’s really no way to get out of it.

Self care – the ride is one long series of small adjustments to make oneself feel better.

Resistance – the most pleasurable pedaling requires the right measure of resistance. Pedals go around too fast when there’s not enough and too slow when there’s too much.

Mental training – I’ve learned to use a mantra – mostly just counting repetitively – when climbing hills.

Learning not to be afraid of heavy breathing.