june bloomin’

another bloomin’ metric

25 mile route, almost 11 mph

perfect weather, cool and sunny

felt okay riding, not too much monkey chatter

except wondering who those two missed calls were from

(Hartford number, Sunday morning before 9 am)

road kill count – 1 deer, pink tongue extended, 2 flat chipmunks, 1 raccoon

best moment, riding at the finish

in perfect synchronicity with Sam

Training ride

11.1 miles
About 10 mph
Round trip to and from New Canaan Library
Via Weed street and Richmond Hill
Had to walk up a hill briefly
Midway, Zumbach’s for ginger peach chai and a biscotti
Dramatic dark clouds build, but only a few raindrops
Stricken bird on the side of the road
When I double-backed to look at it more closely
It fluttered frantically further toward the curb

rock to rock earth day ride, new haven

25 miles
a 20-mile route from West Rock to East Rock
and then a 5-mile return trip through town

waited a half hour for the rain to lighten up
watching radar on the phone in the car –
but radar doesn’t reveal a lingering mist

cold and wet discomfort overrode
my usual cycling discomforts
and this was pleasant

beautiful early spring – flowering trees
buds on display
water everywhere, misting lawns silver

food vendors at the finish
had Ethiopian injera with lentils,
split peas, spinach and potato – excellent

first ride 2014

April 13, about 4 pm
a little over 10 miles
a little under 10 miles per hour

Cove Island Park
warm sun, cool breeze
returning past the cemetery
on Camp Ave

feeling unused to riding
but enjoyed the leaning
into curves