vines vines vines

back in Connecticut
helping out in various ways
family traveling
project logistics
yard work at the house

pruned raspberries and
eliminated the rigmarole improvisational
fencing holding them up

yanked an armload of vines
out of the dwarf lilac
happy healthy vines
that are not supposed to be there

feeling the weights of years of yard work here
every year since 1992

production upgraded!

the project I’ve been working on
reached a milestone today
production environment upgraded
no traces of the old UI
remain online

so happy to eliminate such a
source of confusion and disorganization
that never should have been released
that way

many challenges ahead but
let’s just take a moment
to feel happy and relieved and grateful
to my team

arts and crafts


facing a long list of chores
finding reasons to put off most of them
it’s a trick to learn
how to allow my inclinations
to surface given time
and space

what I want to do
is crochet hats
and experience watercolors
on paper

feeling accomplished
having done these things
have something to show for it
to-do list still long


younger generation

draining week

trying to be certain
of every detail

would be easier to
accept uncertainty, I think

end of day
confabs with

the younger generation
Blair on the phone

Darrell via messaging
what’s happening

overexcited sharing
feeling like a kid

overanxious prompting
to self-examination

feeling older, wiser
promoting love

or at least its

do they hear
my listening?

netherlands, taiwan

starting the day with Netherlands
ending with Taipei

Netherlanders voluble, knowledgeable,
eager to “configurate” the system

Taiwanese mute, uncertain
maybe absorbing information, maybe not?

interesting part of my job
colleagues all around the world

differences for sure but also
similarities – just getting it done

Side Street Cafe

left work late
way after dark

sadness building up
away from home

working lunch

no good options for lunch food in Bar Harbor
so I started bringing it from home

cooked on Sunday, plenty for the week
containers with sturdy lids

brought potato leek soup but
more than food I need mental rest and a walk

few blocks to town past the main square
clogged with tourists eating ice cream still

Sherman’s books since 1886

wind, wood, wool

windy monday
what a day to work outside
stacking two cords of wood
hat corralling hair

now all loaded nicely
into the wood shed
after that I sat and
remade the hat band

half double crochet
the Royal Ridge stitch
with Suzanne’s midnight
gradient yarn (I named it that)

and then another w –
some wine
even though I’m
on retreat