planted peas

Exuberance over a warm day in Hancock, Maine (Zone 5b).

Feeling safe from a hard frost, I planted peas along the wall of the chicken coop. They can climb the fence there.

may day

dates pinned down:

May 31 for U Boxes in the driveway

June 21 for U Boxes shipped to Surry, Maine

May 27 (Friday) 6pm for masonry repair estimate

tasks today:

took filing cabinet to the dump

painted door and window frames

purchased J Brown yoga video

picked up new glasses



sun shining

bees flying

flowers blooming

snake at the front door


lady’s mantle etc.

Today I moved a clump of monarda out of the vegetable garden – the only one left after years of monarda abuse in that location, and they were so pretty.

Also moved a few sprigs of that blue flower that has overrun the upper veg garden. I don’t know what it’s called but its flower is quite blue and large and almost fuzzy.

And moved several clumps of lady’s mantle into the corner of the woodland yard near the steps. Lady’s mantle – best feature is the way water droplets bead up along the edges of its ornately round leaves.

Goal: veg garden for the veggies.

spreading rhubarb

The leftover rhubarb clumps have found new homes – four of them!

  • the home of the gardener to whom I made the rhubarb drop
  • Dolan Middle School’s garden
  • St Catherine of Siena’s mini garden
  • and one will go to the historic garden at the Bush-Holley House.

This feels very traditional.


planted the cole crops, seedlings:
broccoli and kale first,
then cabbages (green and red),
then brussels sprouts this saturday

heavy rain saturday night watered everything in thoroughly



moved the rhubarb out of the vegetable garden
to a more out-of-the way corner

several clumps left over to give away