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lady’s mantle etc.

Today I moved a clump of monarda out of the vegetable garden – the only one left after years of monarda abuse in that location, and they were so pretty. Also moved a few sprigs of that blue flower that has overrun the upper veg garden. I don’t know what it’s called but its flower …

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spreading rhubarb

The leftover rhubarb clumps have found new homes – four of them! the home of the gardener to whom I made the rhubarb drop Dolan Middle School’s garden St Catherine of Siena’s mini garden and one will go to the historic garden at the Bush-Holley House. This feels very traditional.


planted the cole crops, seedlings: broccoli and kale first, then cabbages (green and red), then brussels sprouts this saturday heavy rain saturday night watered everything in thoroughly

new raspberry garden

Demolished a large brush pile and transplanted a row of raspberries in the reclaimed space



moved the rhubarb out of the vegetable garden to a more out-of-the way corner several clumps left over to give away