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  1. Liz A says:

    I recently put everything away except for one project … it definitely helped me get back on track. The key was finding the one project that I truly wanted to do (as opposed to those I felt I “should” do)

    All your projects look wonderful … I’m wondering which one you most enjoy … perhaps your answer lies there …

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Liz, I think I am focusing on the white basket for now. You are right, it does help to be sensitive to what I want to do. Christmas threw me off because I wanted something to send my son. Maybe I’ll send him something I already have. Pressure to make something for somebody messes me up. Learning this about myself…! You are so diligent with your quilt for Ellis.

  2. jude says:

    so many things , all just going beautifully!

    • Catherine says:

      thank you! This doesn’t even get into the paper & bookmaking, which had to be put on hiatus for awhile. “Just going” is a very important learning for me!

      • Liz A says:

        your comment got me out of my morning reading chair to look for “Creating Handmade Books” by Alisa Golden because she blogged about the Jacob’s Ladder book form the other day … and off I go down another rabbit hole … ha!

        • Catherine says:

          uh.oh…I tend to think there’s more time in the day than there actually is to try all these delightful things. I’ve made quite a few of Alisa Golden’s book structures. She quilts too!

  3. Marti says:

    Hi Catherine, This is Marti who has read your comments at grace, Jude, and other blogs and now your blog. . I marvel at your many projects; how to have the ability to create, in so many ways, is quite an amazing gift.

    Weaving, basket making using the gifts from your land and then stitching cloth, well it is so well rounded albeit even if it seems to you that you have so many projects all going on at once! Your cloth squares are wonderful, alive with color and your snowy day patches speak deeply of this special quiet season of winter. To be able to switch back and forth, among projects, seems to me to keep everything fresh. To be able to envision so may ways to use your creative gifts, is simply inspiring.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you, Marti. I also read your comments 🙂 You are right, it does keep things fresh. Reflecting, I think it is the eagerness to “finish” which is bothering me more than the many projects. It’s possible I can let go of that a bit and just enjoy the making of each thing as it goes.

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