Zero degrees

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  1. Liz A says:

    I was stitching some 1″ squares the other day and decided they’re just a little too little … 1.25″ squares are definitely more manageable for me

    and rather than ironing the squares, I fold the cloth over a strip of cover stock that has been cut to 1.25″ and crease the top and bottom edges of the cloth with my thumb nail … then turn the folded cloth at right angles and fold it once again over the cover stock … the sides folds are harder to crease, so I sometimes pinch and pull the square into shape after taking it off the cover stock (especially if I’m working with linen, which can be shifty … ha!)

    hope this helps …

    • Catherine says:

      Interesting to hear how others do it, Liz. I never thought of increasing the size to 1.25. But – why not? I was using the thumbnail pressing but I wasn’t happy with the results, so out came the pins. Slowed me down, but it’s supposed to be slow stitching anyway!

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