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  1. Liz A says:

    how much easier it is to find plants once we’ve been “introduced”

  2. LOVE
    these photographs…the Biome of the first and then of course!, the dancing blossoms…and a
    i love the word
    it brings all manner of sensation to my brain
    there was wild honeysuckle down by the creek of my childhood
    Thank you for this post
    and, oh,
    i don’t know….camp. can you refer me to an archived post?

    • Catherine says:

      I love bogs. Camp is a term used a lot around here. It used to mean a bare-bones rustic cabin to stay at on a hunting or fishing trip. But over the past few years, camps are becoming more like summer get-aways, second homes for wealthy folks or for rentals to vacationers. The story of our camp is kind of long, and yes, we are renovating it, taking away its really rustic nature and making it pretty fancy (in my opinion). Kinda sad about that… It’s on Donnell Pond in Franklin, Maine, pretty close to our home. Here’s a post about it that shows a photo. https://gemtactics.net/@XRoad/2021/04/11/camp-from-the-waters-edge/

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