The snake in the tree

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  1. Marti says:

    I almost did not read this post because I have a phobia about snakes and thought, oh jeez!, there might be a photo Over the years, I have tried to face this, as best as I can. My mother was bitten by a snake when she was tending sheep as a little girl in Spain so she passed along her fear…but anyway, I decided to take a chance and read your post and I’m so glad that I did. It is wonderful to see a Dad and his children out in nature, although you have to wonder if the snake liked being up in the tree…see, I’m making progress, can feel something besides fear of snakes! AND your jeweled frog is such a treasure.

    • Catherine says:

      My sister has the same phobia. And my grandmother did too. We had an old encyclopedia, with all the snake pictures carefully covered with paper by my grandfather in case she opened it to that page by accident. I didn’t photograph the snake, I could barely see it and I didn’t want to scare it and cause commotion. Funny how the story switched to the jeweled frog.

  2. i don’t know how to describe the sense of this story……these words….it’s like there is what you have written but then
    another uhhhh, simultaneous story, hovering….getting a little more visible each time i read

    • Catherine says:

      I’ve been thinking – oh this story is so slight, nothing much happened, why did I bother. But the desire to post it was very strong. I need the new eyes Jude talks about to make it more visible!

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