Old Pond Railway Trail

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  1. Faith says:

    This looks like the kind of lichen that grows on the trees in my yard. We might actually have two or three kinds and moss grows on EVERYTHING, including the trees and lichen.

    Old Pond Railway Trail is a lovely trail. I ended up looking for all the trails near me.

    • Catherine says:

      You live in Oregon, right? I lived in Eugene for a few years and remember it being very wet, but beautiful. I love walking the many trails around here and should do more of it.

  2. Nancy says:

    Great trail pics!! That “going back”…it is almost a perfect circle of an exit! Amazing.

  3. Marti says:

    Your photos are so great for taking us along your walks; this one was especially wonderful since I live in desert country (New Mexico.)

    Years ago when we lived in TN, I found some windfall lichen and so decided to dye cloth with the lichen. Researched and found that lichen dye is fermented with ammonia. I wanted to dye the cloth that day, did not have any ammonia so I used the “human” kind…urine. Put it and water and the lichen in a pot and turned on the heat, after about half an hour our home just reeked with odor…! ran around opening all of the windows. It probably would have been better to heat the lichen simply with water, decant it into a glass jar and then add the urine to ferment, but I did not stop and think about the potential for a horrible smell… In the end, the lichen, don’t remember what kind but it did look a lot like your windfall, gave me a lovely peach color. BUT the only way I use lichen these days is as a natural decorative element as you plan to do with your lichen branch.

    • Catherine says:

      I have to do more research before I attempt to dye with it. I’ve read about the ammonia method, and I have some ammonia, but I’ve also read that all lichens do not work the same. It’s such an interesting hobby and way to use windfalls.

  4. Liz A says:

    I tried the ammonia method and wasn’t happy with the results … was far more successful stripping the several varieties of lichen off the branches and simmering them in a small hot pot to extract the color … mine yielded an orange-y tan with a wonderful fragrance that lingered for the longest time, even after multiple launderings … even though it’s been several years since I last dyed a batch, I can still catch a whiff of it when I use the ironing board, which is like nothing so much as walking in the woods after a gentle rain

    • Catherine says:

      This sounds lovely! It would be nice if I get those results. I have to do some more research. Somewhere I read it may yield “chamois” color.

  5. grace says:

    again…i just LOVE these walks. you are Gifted in choosing the images, composition, ….and again, i have such a Strong response to this place…especially
    view of bay from sidepath?.?…the felt sense is like nostalgia. i wish i could project your posts on my wall, look at them all day.

    Are these trails within walking distance of your home? or do you need to drive to them?

    your gathering basket……………..

    Thank you Catherine

    • Catherine says:

      I am so glad you enjoy them, Grace. There are a few trails within walking distance but most are a short drive. During Covid, I barely got in the car but these days I’m wanting to revisit some areas further away. That basket is so useful. I bought it from a friend, it wasn’t expensive.

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