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The benevolent sower

This figure has evolved a lot. I removed her circular face and the orange headdresses became giving wings. I added a paired piece of that purple floral patterned fabric, so it would match the...

relish green tomatoes

Nine half pints of green tomato relish. Good recipe for using surpluses like green tomatoes, imperfect apples, onions, garlic, peppers. Farmgirl Susan’s No Sugar Green Tomato Relish

Flower show

Late flowers from the yard – stunted sunflower, coneflowers, dahlias.

planted peas

Exuberance over a warm day in Hancock, Maine (Zone 5b). Feeling safe from a hard frost, I planted peas along the wall of the chicken coop. They can climb the fence there.

may day

dates pinned down: May 31 for U Boxes in the driveway June 21 for U Boxes shipped to Surry, Maine May 27 (Friday) 6pm for masonry repair estimate tasks today: took filing cabinet to...