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End of season

The colors. The contrasts. The goldenrod holds it. Summer goes out. Wondering about words. Blogging. Stories. A life.

Late snow

I woke up to a fresh snowfall. I am one who loves snow at any time. This time of year, I’m always thinking this might be the last snow for awhile. Junco at the...


A few signs of spring. Easy to miss really, but I’m learning to pay closer attention. The catkins on the hazelnut are elongating and getting softer and yellower. They’ve been there all winter but...


I don’t know much about what it takes to freeze sea water, but I know it’s happening.


Lots of wind, lots of snow. A quiet day, mostly the sound of buffeting winds. A big pine, weathering Last season’s goldenrod Last season’s oregano I had to shovel a short path to be...

Snow on spruce

We went to the Co-op today to do a big grocery shopping in advance of the coming snowstorm. They are still predicting 15″ for Saturday. That’s a lot of snow, more than we’ve had...


Our house…and a patch on a snow outing.