Paste paper workshop

I attended a zoom retreat with the Handmade Book Club. The topic: making paste paper. I’ve made it in two workshops over the years, but all the paste and materials and space was arranged for me. It’s a different story making my own paste and setup at home! I’m glad I did it. I got a good feel for what designs I enjoy and how to proceed in a manageable way. I really think the tip to make some monochrome papers first and then revisit them after they’ve dried to add some embellishment.

I used wheat paste purchased from Talas. Super easy to mix up and doesn’t require cooking. I did strain it using a nut-milk bag.

A commercial birch stencil. The consistency of the paste is important in making this image.
Grunge with orange and indigo.
Use of a plastic doily that had remnants of blue Akua inks clinging to it.
Clouds of Lumiere Jacquard metallic copper paint.
More metallic copper stamped in large circles.
Circles – made from sequin waste, aka “punchinella.”
I used a decorative cardboard border to create designs in the paste.
More impressions of the plastic doily after it had become cleaner.
I enjoy the grungy messy look, which is easy to create with multiple colors of paste.
Indigo toning down my bright aqua green Liquitex Basic.
Really nice dark over light.

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