Tunisian crochet hats

In my slow study of routine over the past year-plus of pandemic isolation, I’ve come up with a special time of day I call “mindless mornings.” It starts after tea is prepared, or maybe during tea preparation – while waiting for water to boil or tea to steep. It ends when the oatmeal is ready to eat, with maybe some spillover to morning news TV (Democracy Now usually). It is the perfect time for some handwork that doesn’t require a lot of thought. Such as these bi-craftual hats from Aoibhe Ni.

“Ishrat” hat, free pattern from Aoibhe Ni. I used her YouTube video series to make this.

Aoibhe Ni (pronounced AY-vah NEE) is from Ireland, with a delightful accent and a devious strategy to get crocheters to start knitting by featuring just a simple garter stitch hatband in her free Ishrat hat pattern.

Soon I was hooked, so to speak, and bought the Sunny pattern from her site. Used up more stash yarn purchased for my socks done earlier this year. This pattern featured increases and decreases in both the knitted band and the Tunisian crown. So I added a few more tricks to my repertoire. I like the longer, slouchier crown on this one. Although either crown could be made slouchier by just adding starting chains to the Tunisian section.

“Sunny” pattern from Aoibhe Ni, although my colors look more cloudy with a bit of rain or snow

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