India Flint – being (t)here 2021

I joined India Flint’s year-long online workshop. There is no one like India. She frees up my somewhat-restrictive mentality and makes it easy to try new things without a lot of pressure for perfection.

I bought a rotary cutter, finally! It makes it really fun and easy to cut strips, which I seem to use a lot.

So India’s first project is a concertina, covered with fabric and eco-dyed. So far I’ve completed the hand stitching and folding. Next step is machine-stitching the covers, etc.

Folded concertina sections with raw material fabric strips
Organza strip used as embellishment, caught with a starlike stitch
Four different trim strips for edges of pocket
Cover, a weave of silk strips

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  1. July 30, 2021

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