RFD Linen squares

RFD = ready for dyeing

It was quite handy to have a stash of precut, prescoured, pre-soyatreated, cured linen squares. When the urge to dye strikes, I can just grab one and throw it into the pot, building up a nice set of samples. They are all used up now, I’ll have to make more!

Lots of photos of this lusciousness. I couldn’t choose one. I believe I have two more squares bundled elsewhere that I couldn’t be bothered to add to the stack.


  • Lady’s mantle – light tan/green
  • Red onion skin – darkish brick, patterned
  • Walnut – light brown
  • Cochineal – pink
  • Avocado pits – deep burnt orange
  • Avocado pits with iron- vinegar potion – warm purple

Update: I located the two additional squares and took a group photo of all eight. They are at upper left, logwood + cochineal and plain logwood.

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