Cyanotype on linen

I really like how this turned out. My first cyanotype on fabric, specifically linen, using leftover chemistry from the goldenrod project. The composition is crowded but it gave me information on how the different parts of the flower would print on this rather loosely woven thin fabric. I’m surprised I got this much detail. When I first examined the print, it seemed I had lost the feathery leaves at the base of the closed bloom and some of the starlike structures on the open bloom. But after rinsing away, both have shown up more.

Now the question is, what do I do with a cyanotype on fabric? I did some research and found out laundering is contraindicated. The print will wash away. That’s pretty limiting. Hanging in direct sunlight if, of course, not recommended. But the print will refresh itself when bleached out by putting it into a dark area periodically. It’s alive!

I like having this in my toolbox. Maybe I could use prints like this for book pages. After all, one doesn’t wash books and the pages are protected from light.

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