Category: flowers


It may be the hottest day of the summer so far. The car thermometer read 88 degrees. I took a walk early. The sky had the whitish layer of haze that represents heat. The...

Plenty of food

This little one had to climb the sunflower stalk to get the treats at the top. The sunflower swayed and trembled, but the snacker was persistent.

A quiet morning

Family visited. There were three very busy days and evenings, with lots of socializing. Now I’m ready for some quiet time. The soft fog and overcast sky are collaborating with me in slowing everything...

Last bloomers

It’s an absolutely beautiful October day. I decided to photograph the last flowers blooming in the yard. A lot of insects got into the photo shoot.

magic all around

A day of settling in. Cloudy, but no rain. Yesterday, rain kept me inside most of the day except for a walk between showers. I revisited a lot of the works-in-progress I had going...