Welcome oh fire

First fire this morning. We would have had one earlier, but the stove was being maintained by Sam. A special gasket was needed, which took its time getting to us from somewhere. We got a little chilly. I said I wasn’t wearing my winter coat in the house yet, so we had a ways to go. Actually, I was wearing my winter coat at times upstairs, but I could still function. Anyway, for now, all is warm.

First fire of the season, overdue

And the garden is not yet at rest. Still producing a handful of berries for our morning meal. I harvested all the leaf celery yesterday. I’ll clean, chop, and freeze it today. It will be great to throw into soups and stocks over the winter. Lots of flavor. We had a buttercup squash for dinner that had started to get a little mold on its rind.

Still getting a few fresh berries for breakfast

Here are some lyrics to a song written by Trevanion Grenfell, a Facebook friend:

Welcome oh Fire
Welcome oh fire, oh welcome ancestors, we humbly invite you to join us tonight.
Will you please join us and illuminate us, will you keep our heart and hearth full of light?
Bright Burning Spirit, we kneel here before you, we love and adore you, please join us tonight.
In cold and dark shivering, our voices we’re giving to you as an offering, please hear us tonight.
Your heat it would ground us, support and surround us, would rest us and bless us and let us delight.
In all your Bright wisdom, your beauty and kindom, your elegant dancing is welcome tonight.
Grandmothers and Fathers, Grand Lovers and Elders, Oh all you Ancestors, please join us tonight.
We’re eagerly waiting to hear your old stories, your follies and glories are welcome tonight.
The hearth it is laid for you, full plate and cup wait for you, all of us pray for you, join us tonight!
Darkness is falling, coyotes are calling, we ask you to bless us with your holy light.

  • Trevanion Grenfell

3 Responses

  1. jude says:

    we came near to a frost.

  2. Liz A says:

    waning days of summer here in Texas … temps the 90s will hopefully end tonight and there are tomatoes on the vine (hoping they will ripen sooner rather than later) … this is our well-earned “reward” for making it through yet another scorching season

  3. Catherine says:

    We haven’t had a real frost yet which is unusual here in Maine. It’s chilly though.

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