On the edge

A big storm to the south of us. This morning, on my walk, the island (MDI) looked shrouded and maybe rainy. But just a hint of rain and wind here so far. I love these edge places.

View from Jellison Cove Road over to Mount Desert Island

Maybe edges were on my mind when I suddenly stitched this scrap onto this square. It felt very satisfying. A rudimentary form of landscape? The cloth for the square is dyed by Deb Lacativa.

Stitched square with added scrap

I picked these yesterday. Part of me wanted to leave them on the stalk and watch what happens. But there are a few left out there. I don’t know if seeds will form. Maybe it’s too late. The blooms look pretty in a batch like that, a batch of summer sunshine. I put them in the freezer. Maybe try some ice dyeing with them.

Mostly calendula, plus some marigold, tango cosmos, and coreopsis

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  1. Liz A says:

    I recall dyeing with prairie coneflower (aka thimbleflower, aka Mexican hat) and getting a stunning blue … which quickly faded to gray, but oh, it was glorious while it lasted

    and I love the plant database at the Wildflower Center … https://www.wildflower.org/plants/result.php?id_plant=raco3

  2. Catherine says:

    Nice plant database! I usually use “go botany” when looking up native plants. https://gobotany.nativeplanttrust.org/
    Learning about plants is lots of fun. I dyed with blue butterfly tea once, got blue. It may fade but it was on book pages, so well protected from light as long as the books were closed.

    • Liz A says:

      thanks for the gobotany link … I really like their keys, very informative and user-friendly … we’re fortunate that the Wildflower Center is just ten minutes up the road, so we can see the local natives in all seasons … the best key of all!

      • Catherine says:

        Nice to be so close to the Wildflower Center! Our closest center for seeing natives is Acadia Wild Gardens, about 40 minutes away. I’m very interested in native plantings and trying to put more natives in my yard.

  3. Nancy says:

    Beautiful view! The guy said today that maybe I could dye with the new instant coffee he’s drinking….you know you live with a maker if thoughts like this come to mind! haha

    • Catherine says:

      Every once in a while, Sam will come up with some suggestion related to dyeing. Funny, because he has no interest in doing it himself but it’s clearly entered his consciousness!

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