I used to play around with digital imagery and layers. In fact, I have a tag for it: digital imagery. But I’ve gotten out of the habit. It’s time consuming. Somewhere along the line, I’ve lost access to Adobe Express, which I was getting very comfortable with. Jude’s post today and my post yesterday nudged me back to trying it again. If I am linking things together, why not go ahead and link them together visually?

My skills are quite rusty. I’m using GIMP, which is free and works on my laptop. For awhile after we moved here, we didn’t have good Internet at all. Any digital work was impossible. Now that situation has been remedied because we got a Starlink connection (Elon Musk’s satellites, sadly enough, seemed our only reasonable option, despite a lot of promises about rural broadband). It still seems a little suspicious to me to be so dependent on the Internet.

But creating digital images is an interesting and calming activity that doesn’t require a lot of focus. Perfect for a rather empty Sunday. And it satisfies a vague urge, which seems to relate to creating by combining. Generative. So here are two results.

First one positions the sun over a solid block. The sun looks like a very pale moon.

Second one has more color – I like it better, although the sun is not distinguishable. There is an unexpected illusion of an extra tree due to a black stripe in the cloth. The confusion of the trees and lit-up area in the top left was interesting, so I cropped it again. Getting fuzzy…but fun.

6 Responses

  1. i LIKE this…not something i can possibly do, so will be so happy to watch you.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you for watching and responding, Grace. I worked in the computer industry for years and sometimes I think it just about killed me, but it did give me some capabilities too.

  2. Liz A says:

    I especially like the sun image on the solid block …

  3. jude says:

    it’s so much like working with cloth, the layering.

  4. Marti says:

    Adding these images, layering over, just creates an added story dimension; how you start with a conversation and then images and landscape morph into a richer story. I make landscape cloth collages and they always speak to me, tell me a story but this level of creativity is wonderful…something that I simply know nothing about so I love seeing this Catherine..

    (as an aside) I belatedly left a comment on your Dec. 23rd post. Somehow I had missed seeing it and I like to go and re-read blog posts. Hoping that all will be well with Sam and his upcoming surgery.)

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you, Marti! I did see your comment – my blog has a section where I can review all the comments that come in. Much much appreciated!

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