Zero degrees

Screenshot from my phone. I thought it was worth recording that the time was 6:00 am and the temperature was 0° F. Yes, it’s cold.

I had to go hunting for the degree symbol, it is not available on the keyboard.

Deep cold. It’s a mysterious presence. I’ll go outside today for a little while, just to feel it.

I’m stitching one-inch squares. A few every day, then I assemble them into a nine-patch. It gives me plenty of time to think about this activity and why I find it so appealing. I’ve grown tired of wonky squares and resorted to pinning the corners around the template with tiny pins. It’s very finicky. Less painful to the fingers than trying to iron one-inch squares though. It is very satisfying to get a squarish square with this method. And amusing that my very slap-dash tendencies have naturally come face-to-face with a need and desire to be accurate. I think this three-inch nine-patch is the most square square I’ve ever made!

Rearranged the colors a little bit before stitching together. I like the feel of the finished piece, all the stitches minutely raised and the seams sensed by my fingers. These have no destination right now, just piling up.

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  1. Liz A says:

    I was stitching some 1″ squares the other day and decided they’re just a little too little … 1.25″ squares are definitely more manageable for me

    and rather than ironing the squares, I fold the cloth over a strip of cover stock that has been cut to 1.25″ and crease the top and bottom edges of the cloth with my thumb nail … then turn the folded cloth at right angles and fold it once again over the cover stock … the sides folds are harder to crease, so I sometimes pinch and pull the square into shape after taking it off the cover stock (especially if I’m working with linen, which can be shifty … ha!)

    hope this helps …

    • Catherine says:

      Interesting to hear how others do it, Liz. I never thought of increasing the size to 1.25. But – why not? I was using the thumbnail pressing but I wasn’t happy with the results, so out came the pins. Slowed me down, but it’s supposed to be slow stitching anyway!

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