Fresh color

A new color wheel, design shared by my friend who got it from her teacher. Primaries, secondaries, tertiaries and an inner circle of neutralized colors (a bit of complementary added).

Color wheel, new gamboge, alizarin crimson, French ultramarine (Daniel Smith)

I’m working on some dyeing. It seems to come along with early March. This Nani Iro double-gauze remnant interested me because the figuration was so subtle. And seems to be random. What if it could be made more apparent with dye?

Subtle floral
In the onion skin dye-bath, double-gauze at left, silk at right. No mordant, just washed.
More apparent? The color is much warmer than the camera captured.

The other dyed fabric is two squares of duppioni silk. I had two colors, now I have four. I realized I don’t like large squares of this silk in patchwork because they get abraded and become a little fuzzy and catch on things, like rough winter hands. So smaller pieces in more colors is perfect.

Duppioni silk from left: dark onion skin on white, light onion skin on white, onion skin on blue, undyed blue.

I thought I’d try drying it in the sun, but it was too windy. This old tangle of catmint held the scrap for awhile.

Light snowfall overnight

And in kitchen news:

A late Christmas gift arrived, a lovely bowl

I harvested some overwintered spinach from the hoophouse. I can’t believe this made it through the cold winter. We used insulating row cover at night and also a layer of silvered bubble wrap insulation if it was very cold.

Overwintered spinach

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  1. Equinox. the moments Between, and now….toward the Light

  2. Liz A says:

    your color wheel put me in mind of gemstones … and I especially like that complementary inner circle

    • Catherine says:

      I really enjoy making the color wheels. The right combination of precision and expression. Including the complementaries is very helpful to my eye.

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