The bluebird of happiness

Bluebird on the feeder!

I am happy to say we saw this bluebird on our bird feeder today AND then checking out the vacant bluebird house in the side yard. There are bluebirds nesting near us, through the woods and down the hill toward the community garden. But we’ve been trying to attract some here for a few years without success. Until today.

It feels like a blessing!

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  1. Faith says:

    Awesome! I miss bluebirds here, but we have two kinds of blue jays. A lot noisier, but fun to watch.

    • Catherine says:

      We have blue jays too, but I haven’t seen them lately. I am just thrilled that a bluebird came to visit. My dad used to love bluebirds and built houses for them.

  2. Liz A says:

    to see a bluebird on the wing is sheer joy

  3. Nancy says:

    Cool. I’ve had bluebirds of happiness in my thoughts recently…come here to see a real one!

    • Catherine says:

      I love seeing them in real life. Haven’t seen this one again, maybe our locale wasn’t to its liking.

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