Trust time

I so appreciate Grace‘s idea to set aside a few minutes of quiet time once a week with people who want to participate. Contemplating Trust, which is a big topic for me.

I knew I wanted to sit by the sea today. A sunny day, a little cool and breezy, good for a walk. On the way to my beach spot, I saw a few boats. A lobster boat was doing something in the bay, loading or unloading. Barely visible against the distant mountain, a controversial cruise ship floated near Bar Harbor.

I appreciated my surroundings where I sat. A heron hunted on the shore.

Behind me, Ice Pond. I assume the name came from old time settlers harvesting ice here for cold storage. The water is held back from the sea by a narrow berm of sand, gravel, and plants. A small channel makes it tidal but the pond is probably mostly fresh water. I can step over the channel at low tide, but not at high tide.

In front of me, the Maine coastline and the sea. Tide’s out.

A peaceful spot. I thought about Trust for 5 minutes while sitting on a log. I felt other presences, Grace and others, sitting at the same time. It was a warm feeling.

  • I trust the atmosphere. I used to imagine the atmosphere of the planet suddenly disappearing. Wanting to scare myself, I guess. Today, I imagined no matter what my circumstances, I would have air to breathe as long as I’m drawing breath.
  • I trust good people are working out there. The news is unrelentingly bad, but there are a lot of people doing a lot of good positive work out there. I put my trust in a core of human ethics.
  • I trust the value of sitting still. Sitting still together. Mindful breathing. New discoveries and practices. Life.

5 Responses

  1. Martiw says:

    Coming here, such a feeling of calm and peace, and beauty. 5 minutes of trusting that we would be in our singular places but we would also be in our connective hearts- the pulse of those five minutes…how it simply felt good…

    • Catherine says:

      It felt really good to be spending that brief time with others. “Our connective hearts” – really true.

  2. thank you for this. For me being able to walk with you in these images, see where you sat. for the 5 minutes. Has great meaning to me.
    on opposite coasts, but Present. Trust that arbitrary measures, like miles, do not need to have the meaning we previously believed
    they did….that we can be Here and There, both. This lays the ground for the Thrusdays to come. Thank you for who you are. Love…

    • Catherine says:

      I felt a need to share the beauty of my surroundings during this shared time. I might try to share photos like this every Thursday, but not sure I will be in such a nice place every week. PS I’ve been immersed in this 5-min experience for days now, it has been quite meaningful to me.

  3. Nancy says:

    This is so lovely. Really.

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