Last bloomers

It’s an absolutely beautiful October day. I decided to photograph the last flowers blooming in the yard. A lot of insects got into the photo shoot.

Borage with bee
Black eyed Susan with – grasshopper?
Bedraggled Black-eyed Susans
Resina Calendula in bloom and gone to seed
Calendula with bee
Butterfly on Seaside Goldenrod
Butterfly moved to a rock
Last of the monarchs on a lemon blossom – I said “time to go, buddy.”
Side view of monarch – so fresh, must have recently hatched
Gorgeous last fresh echinacea

4 Responses

  1. jude says:

    I cannot believe I just found new morning glory blooms, what an October…

  2. grace says:

    these photographs are just JOY!!!!!! so so Fine. Thank You so much for them….the Borage in particular, which didn’t happen this year and is
    just the most extraordinary plant….and could it be a katydid?

    • Catherine says:

      It could be a katydid. I found a much larger one in the kitchen recently. I couldn’t get a good look at it. I have loads of borage every year. It self-seeds and grows into huge clumps.

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