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Radical Artifice: Writing Poetry in the Age of Media pivots on a seven-word manifesto: “The poet’s arena,” Perloff declares, “is the electronic world.”

Sound bytes and computer blips
Marjorie Perloff’s electronic world, by DEE MORRIS

I work in technology. I’m interested in poetry. I don’t know if I love poetry. Possibly I don’t. I feel sick reading this. It can’t be true.

This however sounds fine:

Poetry as making, as praxis…

Does poetry have anything to do with information? And what is it about this:

speech-based, image-driven, late-Romantic lyric that maintains an “authentic self” for postindustrial consumer culture

that distresses?

I spend a lot of subliminal effort trying to locate poetry or even an inkling of a method, a praxis, in my work products. Haven’t found any yet.

Revolve copy

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