Monthly Archive: November 2012

brush ups

Totally garish, but I relearned how to make brushes today, and I couldn’t resist. Best – thing – ever!

found scan

File Name: Scan 1956 Family Hometown IL

the aural darkness

Radio Announcer 1: What would happen if we went off the air? Radio Announcer 2: Our listeners would be in the dark. ~~~ Miracle-Ear advertisement: Are your ears “blurry”?…I’ll help you determine why your...


LOSS PEQUEÑO GLAZIER / WHITE-FACED BROMELIADS ON 20 HECTARES (AN ITERATION) ecopoetics #2, page 72 Bromeliads is meant to explore subtle changes, like light changing on the tropical gloss of leaves as the sun...


On Poetry Morning they said all my clothes would fall off. I wish they had said something earlier. But there’s no way you can prepare for something like this. On Poetry Morning this is...

lunar paraphrase paraphrase

Always ancestry angels Argonauts beaches birds Bluebird body branches
 cithara countless darkness depending down dreams earlier end fallen Feebly figure flute friend glowing golden guardian hoar-frost infinite light Mary
 moon mother moves near November...