Monthly Archive: October 2012

a p o c a l y p s o

(from Poems for Last October) A p o c a l y p s e the sparrows linger fretful * want it to be centered, but I don’t have enough time to mess with...

ominous signs

In the neighborhood, late afternoon yesterday: Dumped dahlias “Not this door?” Disemboweled couch

minimal disturbance

Revision of yesterday’s paint background. Leaf layer, color dodge. A small hue/saturation adjustment. Time spent waiting for Sandy. Why can’t I make my own ceramic tile?

peach arugula

Title: from a chalkboard sign advertising produce at the Double L Market, Westport. The juxtaposition seemed funny to me. Color: I seem to have a drive to mix orange and green. It is rarely...

hard flame

(from Poems for Last October) hard flame of the future    eventual wine narrative – ungraspable    as clouds rain on my skin    transforms to    scales white eyes wet and    dead as fish silvery shine    abetting...