A clearing in the woods

I’m working daily on various projects for India Flint’s a clearing in the woods course.

I took some time today to play with photos on my iPhone using the PS Express app.

These use the VignetteBlue effect under “Portrait” and added text using “Explore the World” selection. I find all the branded naming very annoying – just keep it simple and basic! Still looking for a photo editor app that I can commit to learning.

I avoided making string. It was a lesson in one of the previous courses and I just couldn’t absorb it. Overwhelm, or worry that my string wouldn’t hold together? But once I sat down with a strip of silk to try it, I found making string very quick and easy. I used the silver heart charm sent from India F. to course participants. And a torn length of flimsy eco-dyed silk from a course last year with Susan Smith. I love reusing materials from previous projects. I’m also in love with the bracelet. It feels like a huge affirmation of this crafting path. I want to make a lot more string!

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