The benevolent sower

This figure has evolved a lot. I removed her circular face and the orange headdresses became giving wings.

I added a paired piece of that purple floral patterned fabric, so it would match the other figures’ faces.

Then I stalled for quite a few days. A trip to Connecticut and New York. Recognition or reconnection with the art of Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo. Home to a weedy garden and a sense of disorientation. Finished reading Cherríe Moraga’s Native Country of the Heart – mesmerizing.

Reflecting this morning that what holds me up can be a problem with courage. I become afraid of making a misstep. I dwell in that uncertainty and it is immobilizing.

Yesterday I stitched the eyes. And a mouth.

Today I removed the mouth and added the ivory stitching under the eyes.

Cloth and thread are malleable and missteps can be taken again.

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