Odd jobs

I don’t feel like I did very much today. I worked at the computer for a few hours, which never feels like I have much to show for it. But I also worked on a few small quick craftsy things.

Doll with arms but no head

I stuffed this woven doll body with scraps of cloth and yarn and thread and some lavender blossoms from Jaye. Then I made her arms from twisting a length of yarn. Fun and easy, just followed the directions in The Art of Weaving a Life. Next: stitch her closed and make a head.

Outside pages and hinge on “Shrigley” binding

After failing to figure out how to stitch two Shrigley frames together, I gave up and made a paper hinge. It didn’t work out that well at first, but I kept adjusting it to make it fit. Now I have a cunning four-page book with no cover that displays four little paintings on thick card. No glue!

Inside pages

I found the instructions for this binding here: https://byopiapress.wordpress.com/2018/06/03/how-i-accidentally-invented-the-shrigley-binding/

And the hinge instructions here: https://byopiapress.wordpress.com/2018/06/10/some-variations-on-the-shrigley-binding/

I also bought four artichoke seedlings from Chucks cart and planted them. Even though there’s cold and possibly snow in the forecast.

Feeling sad and without much energy.

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