Sunshine quilt

I collected cloth from my stash to piece together for a small quilt. Focusing on yellow because I’ve been feeling much more optimistic on sunny days. Then I had to add some purple, magenta and brown to take advantage of my dyed fabric stash from workshops with Suzanne Grosjean. The base is a square of old stained black-and-white-checked tablecloth.

First photo shows a very rough layout to judge the mix of colors and whether I had enough to cover the base. I added some striped fabrics and some eco-printed silk broadcloth strips along the edge.

Cloth assemblage

I’ve been thinking of the color scheme as “warm” but there’s a decidedly cool cast in this photo. Maybe it’s the late afternoon light. I do find it fascinating that there is such a concept as “cool yellows” in color theory.

Second photo was taken after ripping the fabric into two basic widths to prepare for piecing. This was taken during morning light and shows the colors a little more realistically. I’m looking forward to stitching these strips together to make a boro-inspired quilt top, following Jude’s spiritcloth example.

Ripped strips prepared for piecing

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  1. November 15, 2020

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