Season of Stitching

I’ve been feeling like I’m coming into a different phase since the election. Now that the panicky uncertainty has subsided, I want to move on. I’d like to finish the three pieces still in progress, but need some refreshment.

Time for a ceremony, to look back and take stock. I gathered up the four pieces and eight clothespins and made a gallery out of the wall of the chicken run.

I’ve been so involved in these stitching projects since spring. Mostly by association with Jude Hill’s “Large Cloth” explorations. These pieces are not particularly large but bigger than I’d normally work I think. So they’ve been a stretch.

Butterfly cloth, with backing

This butterfly cloth has morphed quite a lot since I first laid it out. I’m pleased that I was able to go with the flow. I didn’t rush to complete my early vision as I realized I wasn’t thrilled with it. The golden houses were a by-product of this cloth that I’ll use elsewhere. I know where I’m going from here. Really motivated to finish this, but in no huge hurry. Still some matters to resolve.

Hexie Medallion, all hemmed, needs to be stitched to backing

The Hexie Medallion came from two impulses: to see my collection of dyed silks next to each other and to try my hand at English paper piecing. It was a fun and rather quick project. I think it will become a wall hanging after I stitch the medallion to this linen. Or maybe frame it at some point? I enjoy seeing the imprint of some of my local plants in these little hexies.

October cloth. Pending a border and backing.

The October cloth also came out of an impulse to use a set of dyed cloths. And to combine with them some of my favorite components: duppioni silk, wishing stars, dyed silk velvet, and gifted caramel velveteen. It’s a simple nine-patch format and came together quickly. But I’m stuck on the border. Have to solve the problem of no seam allowance on a few of the strips of velveteen. I also want to embellish the wishing stars with some stitching.

Solar cloth.

I need a new name for the solar cloth because it ended up with no circular motifs. I just love the magic border of black and white squares with the buildup of colorful squares above it. My friends suggested I wear this as a dressy scarf with a pin – maybe, if I ever go anywhere again.

They brighten up the cloudy November landscape.
That’s a lot of stitching, mostly done during the pandemic. It builds up.

4 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Your work is wonderful as are the back stories

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you, Laura! I’m sorry I am delayed approving comments. It’s good to hear from people. I’m glad you enjoyed the work and the stories 🙂

  2. Paula R Hagar says:

    I too love the work and your stories. I am so impressed by all you have done this year! And all of it hand-stitched and hand made. So beautiful!

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