Golden houses

I laid out the sunshine quilt again today. The design is morphing quickly. The dark butterfly looks good to me. Iā€™m about half done whipstitching the edge to better define it. She also needs a head. And maybe antenna.

But the big breakthrough came in trying to handle the yellow woven material. I originally had a sort of exploding box concept that just looked messy and disorganized.

I kept trying to refine it and make sense out of the jumble of cut yellow. I cut the shapes even smaller, ending up with lots of squares and triangles.

Eventually I discovered what maybe should have been obvious a lot earlier. Houses! I quickly assembled a few little houses, and with a bit more cutting and shaping, ended up with twelve golden houses, all with roofs. Some have doors and windows too. And no waste!

I had so much fun making these. It truly felt like play. They are all pinned and I am really looking forward to stitching them together.

What they do to the design is yet to be determined. Maybe the backside of the sunshine quilt (which needs a new name I think) — or a whole different piece? No matter, I am really in love with the houses and will make them and then see what happens next.

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