went to visit the Nearing’s house
spent time touring the gardens
talking with the caretakers
and watched a short documentary
got some seeds and a geranium!

tried to visit Four Seasons Farm
but it was closed up tight
maybe next spring

no walking


A new word for me – “satoyama.” I ran across it in an article:

Revitalizing a Dying Region of Rural Japan with Art

Satoyama refers to traditional rural landscapes, how they benefit and sustain life, not just human life.

Sato – village
Yama – mountain

a place where nature and people exist in harmony…

Greetings from Satoyama

a symbol of terrain where humans and nature coexist in a symbiotic relationship.

Harvest Time in Satoyama

route 7 to kripalu

This was a beautiful drive. I could have stopped so much more often to take photos. But there was a sort of pushing to get where I was going. Someday I will take a photography trip up route 7 and stop as much as I want to.

last summer

last summer



Wondering how these would look in black and white. I gave it a try in iPhoto. “Antique” effect looked better.

sunflowers, antiqued

sunflowers, antiqued

hay bales, antiqued

hay bales, antiqued

lady’s mantle etc.

Today I moved a clump of monarda out of the vegetable garden – the only one left after years of monarda abuse in that location, and they were so pretty.

Also moved a few sprigs of that blue flower that has overrun the upper veg garden. I don’t know what it’s called but its flower is quite blue and large and almost fuzzy.

And moved several clumps of lady’s mantle into the corner of the woodland yard near the steps. Lady’s mantle – best feature is the way water droplets bead up along the edges of its ornately round leaves.

Goal: veg garden for the veggies.

spreading rhubarb

The leftover rhubarb clumps have found new homes – four of them!

  • the home of the gardener to whom I made the rhubarb drop
  • Dolan Middle School’s garden
  • St Catherine of Siena’s mini garden
  • and one will go to the historic garden at the Bush-Holley House.

This feels very traditional.