New Year 2018

I finished my 100 walks posts, making a final push to update August and September. Final count – 107.

Some of these posts were very boring, how often can I write about walking to lunch. I felt like I’d lost my voice, although I might have found my feet (to some extent). But they kept me connected to the blog to some extent.

This year I’d like to focus on Making.

I’m exploring watercolor – Liz Steel’s class starting on January 10.
Also stitching. I follow Jude Hill’s website spiritcloth, so taken with the beauty.
I’ve been handstitching nine patches – maybe a blanket, maybe a wall hanging?

And of course, where does poetry fit in? It’s hard to say. There have to be some words. I don’t see how. And that’s the question.

along the beach, december

cold wind, snow on ground
through the preserve
past the community garden
down Eastside road
turned at Carter Lane
past the abandoned house
down the meadow
through the woods
onto Salt Pond Road
to Jellison’s Cove
past Lesley’s, stopping
for a neighborly chat,
while she strewn straw
on her raised beds,
newly energized to

cross-country ski, Old Pond Trail

Cross Country Skiing
by myself
on Old Pond trail
not sure whether I
was tiring but wanted
to reach the first road
so persevered
and made it

on the way back
listened to a podcast
return trip flew

4.0 miles
1 1/2 hours
immeasurably beautiful