Meandering toward 2023

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  1. Faith says:

    I like the dark to light contrast in your Garter Abyss. Also your cherry blossoms. I think I fell in love with vegetables all over again this Christmas. And lucky you! I really miss having woods in my back yard, though when we had them, they were not marked or as neat as yours.

    • Catherine says:

      I love “my” woods, although it is really a preserve. It’s not that neat though. Full of fallen trees, pools, mud. The wildlife like it.

  2. Nancy says:

    Beautiful. Back in the late 1970’s – early 1980’s I read a ton of Louis L’Amour books. He always mentioned how different the trail looked from the opposite direction. Something I’ve considered ever since 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Interesting, isn’t it? I have a habit when hiking an unfamiliar trail to look back periodically so I can see what the return trip will look like. Especially when there’s an intersection.

  3. grace says:

    love the “shawl” so much….it’s a Being. Alive.

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