New eyes

I feel renewed by September.

Other people are struggling with heat, but I had to put on an extra layer to walk early this morning. It’s refreshing.

When I first looked out the window, I saw something new: an eye in the birdfeeder roof. I took a photo through the screen. And that led to another photo of an eye I frequently notice in the bedroom floor.

Eye in the birdfeeder roof
Eye in the wood of the bedroom floor

I walked early this morning. Just after sunrise. The sunrise will get later and later. This is my favorite part of the walk, facing east into the rising sun.

Early morning walk

And I always notice this rock formation along the road. It hosts a whole plant community. It’s starting to take on the yellowness of autumn.

The rock is alive

Few obligations on the calendar now that the garden tour is done. The garden tour was just right – not too many people, enough to keep both Sam and I occupied explaining things, with a few breaks. Mostly people we knew, some new faces. The zucchini grown upright on a pole was the biggest hit. Interestingly, no one asked about the fiber, although I set out some tiny baskets and a collection of dried fibers from the garden.

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  1. Liz A says:

    we have faux driftwood tile in our house, put there by the previous owners … and yes, there are eyes to be found in the faux wood knots

    but the knotted eye in your bedroom flooring triggered a memory that I have not had in many many years … of a knot in the headboard of my parents’ bed … I wonder what else will come of that awakened synapse as I sit and stitch today

    and I do believe I would be a bigger fan of walking if I had the views that you share here

    • Catherine says:

      The views are wonderful in my neighborhood. I find I don’t need to go further afield, even to Acadia Park. It’s close, but crowded.

  2. your CloseBy world….
    if you could witness and document that Rock through the seasons…….

    the eyes…to find them…looking back TO us…..that thing i love so much that Elizabeth Gilbert said…how the Intelligence of the Universe looks for
    the way we can most understand it’s desire to communicate with us

    • Catherine says:

      I have thought about taking photos of the Rock through the seasons. Or maybe monthly!

      I have an online friend who writes a blog. The other day he wrote a long piece that contained this: “is reality something we can have a relationship with? Is it something that we can love? Is is something that can love us? And my answer to that, again emphatically — passionately — is yes.” He goes on to explain more, you can read the whole piece here: I relate this very much to Elizabeth Gilbert’s communicating Universe.

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