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  1. Liz A says:

    so much here to comment on … our coneflowers faltered in the triple digit heat, so Don cut them back and they are now coming back quite nicely … meantime, he is using the seedheads in his painting as they leave lovely marks (until the seeds start to come loose)

    I love seeing the zucchini trained on the pole (was having trouble visualizing it when you mentioned it in your last post) … I’m currently re-reading Braiding Sweetgrass and just finished the essay about the three sisters … which I just now searched out to see an image of what that kind of planting leads to

    but last is best … I love how the center of your sunflower looks like the sky as it lightens under the arc of a rainbow … and red-orange was always one of my favorites in the Crayola crayon box

    • Catherine says:

      I tried the three sisters garden once. Problems – corn didn’t grow well, squash and beans grew too well. It was an unmanageable tangle. Maybe not suited to Maine, or maybe something was wrong. Anyway, I keep experimenting, may try it again. I don’t know if all zucchini vines like that, but this variety (ribbed, costata romanesco) sure does. Thanks for appreciating my sunflower! Although it’s my first try and pretty inexpert, I love it. Using coneflower heads in painting, how cool!

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