Saturday there was a cruise on a catamaran in Saco Bay (Southern Maine). My sister and her husband from Delaware came up to visit and my sister in Saco chartered this boat ride. Different for me – I don’t spend much time on the water. It was very calm, no wind at all for sailing. But we saw the Wood Island lighthouse, porpoises, and a stream of monarch butterflies on their migration journey.

Then Sunday was harvesting. So much food all at once. I just put most of it in the refrigerator, will figure out later how to use it.

Wood Island lighthouse
My sisters
Me, lying on the netting over the water.
The catamaran

Colors from the garden

Red Kuri squash ripening on the fence
My goldenrod dye results – looks yellower in real life.

4 Responses

  1. Liz A says:

    there is always so much more to see than the camera can comprehend

    • Catherine says:

      Frustrating! This morning I took a beautiful overdyed tea towel out of the goldenrod dyepot, olive green with dark leaf shapes from iron. The camera makes it look so drab, I can’t show it off. You’ll just have to imagine it!

  2. grace says:

    your Harvest literally makes me DROOL…oh, if beets could grow here. on this Hill ..and your beet greens, oh, oh……………..
    and the Kuri…eeeeeeeee……roast roots and squash… I grew Kuri and Hokkaido in New Mex one season. I have SO much i can do to
    amend here. Thursday , rain will be gone and temps will only be in 80’s…so MAYBE i can begin that Hugalkultur Bed. the PeaceFULLness
    of the goldenrod photograph

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