Autumn arrives

It’s been raining heavily most of the day. A solemn feeling.

Yesterday I walked. And took these photos of weathered wood (decorated) and wild turkeys.

And I was finally able to take a photo that gives an approximation of the darker goldenrod dyed cloth. It’s a beautiful olive green with dark markings. The cloth is a raggedy tea towel that I’d tried to dye previously. I don’t remember when this initial dyeing happened or what plants I was using. Only faint markings of leaves were showing up, so I figured it would be good to give it another session in the pot. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I added some iron-vinegar potion to the dyebath, a technique I learned from India Flint.

We’re going to the Common Ground Fair this weekend. It’s a big event around here that has been canceled for the past two years. I’m a little leery of going due to Covid contagion amidst the crowds. But the fair is a real draw for us. There’s a lot to see and learn. And the weather looks improved.

Weathered fallen tree trunk, with rocks and plants
Turkey along the road
Turkeys in the forest

Cloth overdyed with goldenrod, iron potion added. It looks even more olive green in real life.

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  1. Liz A says:

    what a beautiful green the goldenrods gave … if I were to name the color, I would call it “of the land”

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