Off to the fair

A chilly morning. Sun after rain. Lots of moisture and dew around.

Said goodbye to the garden for 3 days. The New England asters next to the rudbeckia triloba are spectacular.

Asters and rudbeckia

The hoophouse cover is on and secure against this weekend’s winds. Three of four raised beds are done. The seeds are just starting to germinate in the new beds. The lemon trees and peppers from the deck are also in there.

Hoophouse with cover on

Feeling my way toward autumn. The fair is part of that. See you next week.

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  1. Liz A says:

    this recalled the Asters and Goldenrod chapter in Braiding Sweetgrass … the joy-fullness of those two colors together!

    • Catherine says:

      I know! I was going to look up a quote from her. But it’s not goldenrod… a small quibble. Yes, they look so great together. Today I’ll cut some to bring into the house.

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