curious reverberation

ecopoetics 2 – fall 2002
Roger Farr, Aaron Vidaver, Scott Ward

At first reading – nothing. Or – just writing at the ragged edge of sense.

At second reading – something in the language. Wondering where the boundary is, when you cross the line into incomprehensibility, or is it a new natural.

Searching, finding Woodsquat, a form of occupation, in a long line of occupations. Response, peculiar new reverberations in the text.

Fall 2002?
The Woodward Squat unfolded afterwards – 14 September through 14 December 2002.
So, a premonition?

An untold tenderness toward feral ornaments arises.

West Coast Line, number 41

What is the name of the elusive flower that got from around this once populated place? Now I’m trespassing in an enclosure: punctuated equilibrium in a grafted fixity.
(page 65)

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