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Bookmarking Book Art – Alicia Bailey and the Artists’ Book Cornucopia

I found this post on Facebook on Abecedarian Gallery’s page.

Today was the last day of the last of ten Artists Book Cornucopias – a decades worth of exhibits, nicely summarized and commented on by Robert Bolick at Books on Books. I have long held Robert in high regard and it is an honor to be featured on his site. Take a look – if you love the world of artists’ book works, you’ll find plenty to entice . . .

White marigold

This book has taken a long time to make. Finally calling it done, although I might fuss with it here and there.

It’s had a few names, but recently I’ve taken to calling it the white marigold book. Its original concept was “white” but it ended up being dyed with marigolds.

Sewn on Spine Book 3

And here’s the third Sewn on Spine book. The book features a rope stitch on the spine and decorative painted papers on the cover, using Strathmore 500 mixed media paper. The text includes inserts of a variety of papers for interest, all in warm autumn colors.

The spine is Asahi book cloth in copper which has a lovely sheen. For this book, I separated the end sheet into halves for the front and back and reinforced the interior spine with book cloth.

Sewn on Spine Book 2

The book features a horizontal bar stitch on the spine and decorative painted papers on the cover. I painted the paper months ago and knew I wanted to use it for a book although it is a lightweight 115 gsm Arches Rives BFK paper. We’ll see how it wears.

I’m hesitating before making book 3 to really think about the papers I want to incorporate and the cover design. And maybe choose a new stitching pattern for the spine.

Sewn on Spine Book 1

I’m learning sewn-on-spine book structures from Roz Stendahl. Used my lime green book cloth that I purchased in April in Portland. I cut the covers too big and there are tears at the interior hinge, but otherwise feeling good about the book. Making another one!