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  1. my thoughts have nothing to do with anything but they
    in some disconnected way… like the second pic of the heron on the Pine….
    i just watched a montage sent to me of images of that Queen
    i had never thought much about the monarchy at all
    and i see this progression of photographs and am struck by her eyes, her smile they…being GENUINE
    and her
    hats and hats and hats What was she wanting us to know by all those Hats?????????????????????????????

    • Catherine says:

      A lot of hats! One image had a rainbow of her in different hats and outfits. Lots of fabric and maybe some milliners who will be out of work now. All I can think of it that it was something like a crown. King Charles for sure won’t be wearing so many hats and such colorful clothing.

  2. Liz A says:

    I do love herons … their solitary postures, their magnificent feathers, their grace in flight … true beauty in my eyes

    and I very much like your take on the Queen’s hats … which feels just right … as did the depiction of her in the rainbow of outfits … what will become of them all, I wonder … a museum collection perhaps?

    • Catherine says:

      There are so many outfits. They will probably make it into someone’s collection, I would think. I used to subscribe to a magazine called Heron Dance, beautiful watercolors of herons and other wildlife. I think it’s no longer published.

  3. jude says:

    the soft kind of day, here today, so yes, same kind of wondering. I feel softened. And I love you nines.

    • Catherine says:

      A soft day here today. Nines have turned into my favorite thing, lots of scraps in the queue. Learned from you, thank you

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